Suggested titles by theme from archives, academics, researchers, and specialists [lists will be added once in a while]:

An Introductory Reading List for SEARCH (RogueArt). Download PDF here.

Modern Art of Southeast Asia: a guide to selected resources in the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library. Link

Maps of the Sea (Simon Soon) (20/8/11). An early attempt at compiling a list of exhibitions, conferences, publications and related events where modern and contemporary art in Southeast Asia countries are mapped regionally within the discursive and disciplinary frameworks of either Southeast Asia (primary) and/or Asia (secondary). Download PDF here

Manila Reading List (Planting Rice) (11/3/13). Download PDF here

(A Working) Bibliography On Malaysia (and SEA Art) (Sarena Abdullah, PHD) (updated 22/8/11). Download PDF here



An ad hoc collection of useful published articles, catalogues & other references that can be found online or downloaded as PDFs (references will be added regularly:

Atlas of Asia Art Archive (MAP Office): a beautiful project charting a fluid geography of art practices through the AAA's archive materials. Link

AAA Perspectives: Michelle Antoinette, ... and Malaysia? Link

Converging Extremes: Exhibitions and Historical Sightlines in 1990s Malaysia. Link

Dasar Kebudayaan Malaysia: Malaysia's National Cultural Policy set in 1971. Link

The Primacy of Exhibitionary Discourses: Contemporaneity in Southeast Asian Art, 1992-2002 (Seng Yu Jin). Link 

Territories of the Real and Unreal: Photographic Practices in Contemporary Southeast Asian Art: PDF catalogue for an exhibition at Langgeng Art Foundation Nov 2011. Download PDF here

'Writings On The Southeast Asian Art Market' (Patricia Chen) Link