Arteri (, March 2009 – June 2011)

Arteri was created in March 2009 by Simon Soon (a curator) and Sharon Chin (a visual artist). They were later joined by Eva McGovern (also a curator). The site stopped being active in June 2011 and was later taken offline. The team behind Arteri are looking for someone to give it a second life: email

"ARTERI ( is a blogging initiative on contemporary art and culture in Malaysia and South East Asia. The site is updated weekly with exhibition listings, news, features, reviews and profiles on the local and regional art scene. In addition to our own writing, our content is driven by contributions from a diverse range of individuals with interest in the arts. All approaches are welcomed, regardless of geography, language and ideology. This ensures that we remain an open, inclusive platform, committed to the idea that art can be accessible and enjoyed by all.

ARTERI is read by curators, artists, gallerists, dealers, collectors, critics, students, as well as art enthusiasts. On average, we receive 10,000 unique visitors a month and growing!

In addition to building an online community, ARTERI also develops audiences by organizing events in real-time. Projects include talks, exhibitions and workshops. Similar to our online efforts, we focus on accessible and creative approaches to persuade people to engage with art and ideas."

(J Shamsul 6 May 2010,

Lost Files

The Lost Files project identifies valuable SEA art website resources that have become defunct, linking to sites that are still online, and hosting sites that have come offline. If you know of sites we should adopt for this project, please contact us.